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Asteroid Initiatives, the Asteroid Prospecting Company, is dedicated to leveraging the technology developed for cubesats, chipsats, and solar sails to
dramatically lower the cost of asteroid exploration, making prospecting for resource exploitation and mining commercially feasible.
Before you can do asteroid mining, you have to do asteroid prospecting.

Do you want to explore space?
Are you interested in the possibilities of the asteroids?
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What we intend to do:

Solar Scout CubeSat Explorer deploying Chipsat Sensors

Artist's rendition of a Solar Scout™ CubeSat Explorer deploying Chipsat Sensors at a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) a few million kilometers from the Earth.
These sensors (about the size of a credit card) will embed themselves in the asteroid (or go into orbit around it) and measure the asteroid's properties, such as the water and metal content of the body. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of similar measurements from a conventional spacecraft.

Together, we can do amazing things.

Asteroid Initiatives : Let's Go Hunt Some Asteroids!

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